Early Menstrual Period

Facts About Early Menstrual Period

When a woman’s cycle is interrupted by an early menstrual period, it can be very troubling. Having an irregular menstrual cycle is not all that unusual for some women, especially when approaching the age of menopause. When a woman reaches the age of about 45 to 55, it will become more common to have irregular cycles, but if the problem of having an early menstrual period continues, it can actually worsen.

Understand the Early Menstrual Period

When a woman is having a normal menstrual period, the cycle will be approximately 23 to 35 days between periods, counting from the first day of the last period until the first day of the next period. When someone has an early cycle, what happens is that they will begin their cycle before a full 23 days has elapsed. In most cases the cause of the early menstrual period is due to the fact that an egg failed to mature so it was not released during the menstrual cycle.

Other Types of Early Menstrual Periods

There are really a number of different types of early menstrual periods. One type is known as Polymenorrhea, which is an early menstrual period that occurs sooner than ever 21 days. Another type of irregular cycle is called Oligomenorrhea, with this type of problem a woman will have a period approximately every 35 days, but it will only last for a few days.

In addition to these types of menstrual irregularities, there is also one known as Amenorrhea; with this a woman has stopped having periods at all for a period of 2 months or longer. It is normal for this to happen during pregnancy or breastfeeding, but it can affect other women as well. When approaching menopause, a woman can skip several periods before finally having one.

The Causes for an Irregular or Early Menstrual Period

One cause for having an abnormal early menstrual period is psychological. Although it is not too common for psychological problems to disrupt the normal period cycles, it can happen. Among the psychological problems that can cause problems with a woman’s periods are anxiety, fatigue and stress. When someone is under a lot of stress or anxiety, it can actually change the hormone levels in the body and cause someone to miss a period or start their cycle early.

A physical problem that changes the hormone levels in the body will disrupt ovulation, which will cause an early menstrual period.

Treatment for Irregular or Early Menstrual Period

Problems with a woman’s cycles can be treated, and it is usually best to use a combination of treatments to return the cycles to normal.

One of the first things a woman should do if she is having an early menstrual period or an irregular cycle is to change her lifestyle. Relieving stress and anxiety is important, as well as a getting regular exercise.

It may also be necessary to see an OBGYN to start treatment. This will likely consist of hormone replacement therapy to balance the hormones. The biggest problem with hormone replacement therapy is that it can actually cause several side effects, and some of them are even worse than having an early menstrual period.

To avoid the side effects of hormone replacement therapy there are some natural remedies that can help to promote regular periods. Herbal medicines such as black cohosh can help regulate a woman’s period.

If you are having problems with having an early menstrual period, you may want to try some of the natural remedies, if these do not work it is important to talk with your doctor and get a diagnosis and treatment plan.